Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sir Bismark Von Longbody

 Bismark (Biz), has to be the sweetest dog I've ever met. And I'm so happy, that even though we only spent 2 short weeks together, that I got a chance to have him in my life.

I recently started fostering for the Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA), their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dachshunds in need. I decided to foster because, although I would LOVE to own a dog of my own, I'm unsure of my living conditions for the future, and I'm not in a financial state to have a dog that may need vetting needs. So I decided that fostering, not only would be great for me financially, but it would also help out the dogs as well.

At first I planned on joining a local dog fostering organization. With this I would get a variety of dogs, I got to specify around what size, but I could have received anything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. Through more research online though, I decided the smaller the dog the better. I'm not a huge fan of tiny dogs, but there's just something about dachshund's little hot dog-like bodies that makes me happy. So I emailed the local organizer of the DRNA and I was in business. After returning from my conference in Las Vegas, Biz was dropped off.

He was scared at first, he was just taken from him previous home the day before. He is 6 years old, and lived with a family his whole life, until now. His human could no longer take care of him due to her age.  When he came to me he was described as to only using Wee Mats to go to potty. Which meant he would pee and poo on the mat and not outside. I wasn't into this, so I kept a mat in my room but took him on many walks a day. He was describe to never go potty outside and on his 3 days with me he had no accidents inside and went potty outside 100% of the time!

He was the best little cuddler as well. His first home wouldn't allow him on furniture or in the bed. I immediately threw that out the window, this little guy was sleeping with me! Every morning he would some how end up next to my head, even though when I was asleep he was at the foot of the bed. 

 Biz was adopted much quicker than usual. I was originally quoted 6-12 months with him. But who wouldn't want this little guy! Look at that face!

Hopefully with in the next week I will be getting my next little foster buddy! I'm hoping this one's potty trained! :) 

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