Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over a month in now...

and I still haven't perfectly adjusted to my new life, but I'm working on it. Since I moved I've ordered way too much stuff from Amazon, spent WAY too much money at the mall, (I LOVE Tyson's Corner Mall), went to visit Brian in Australia, started graduate school, got an internship at Children's National Hospital in Georgetown, and next week I'm going the to Human Factors and Ergonomics in Las Vegas! OH, and I got approved to foster dachshunds!

So the first thing, my obsession with Amazon, it's mostly an obsession with free two-day shipping. But also, a friend pointed out to me the other day my obsession with novel kitchen items. Let's review why he said that, here's some things I own:

Wine bottle opener :)

I have the spoon, wisk (christmas gift from Brian), and the pastry brush.

Pizza cutter, it's really adorable.
  I also buy novel food items, like mini pepperonis for mini pizza cups (GREAT RECIPIE, will post later) and anything that's "new", but what gets me the most is the Piccolini mini pasta from Barilla! They took classic pastas like, penne, rotini, fusilli and farfalle and made them tiny! I'm obsessed. 

So, Tyson's Corner Mall is beautiful, they have so many stores, I've gone twice and only managed to make it through half the mall. Recently my roommate, a friend and I went to go dress shopping. There's a store there called Arden B. I've never seen one before, and I loved it! But, they're super expensive. They did have a GREAT sale, but of course out of all the dresses I tried on, the one that I fell in love with, wasn't on sale, and I just couldn't get myself to buy it, but I WILL keep my eyes on it until it goes on sale, because some day I will have some reason to wear this....

Yes, those are feathers.

Australia needs to be it's own post, it was amazing, I've never had so much fun in my whole life. I've never traveled out of the country before and this experience just makes me want to travel all around the world! As long as Brian comes too, cause this distance thing is really getting annoying.

 Grad school is, a lot of reading, and little boring. But not has hard as I thought, I only have one test all semester. Lots of reading and paper writing, but I much prefer paper writing to test studying. The sweet thing is all the field trips stuff we get access to that I normally wouldn't. Like tomorrow I'm going to the Pentagon, had to get security clearance and everything! Hopefully I get a sweet badge or something.

Another school function, I get to go to Las Vegas! For a whole week! I leave this Sunday, and get back next Saturday. I'm super excited, and feel so adult going to Vegas! I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about that after I get home, I'll probably also want to sleep a lot as well.

I'm super excited about my new job, which I will start when I get back from Las Vegas. I get to be an intern, woo, but I also get do my own project. Whatever I want. I get to work with doctors and nurses to help reduce mistakes and errors they make. So hopefully I get to save some little lives!

Lastly, and probably the most exciting thing going on is my involvement with the Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA). The DRNA is a national rescue organization that works with dachshunds. They're a no-shelter rescue group that takes in doxies from other shelters, puppies farms, and owner surrenders, and places them in foster homes until they can be adopted. So I will be a foster mommy, I even got my first "assignment". He's a 5 year old longhaired red, who's an owner surrender. I wasn't told his name but AS SOON as I get him there will be pictures galore! I promise! 

I'll be sure to update more now that I have a set schedule, and stuff to write about!