Wednesday, June 29, 2011


       has to be one of my favorite online stores! It's a Gap Inc. store, but it's online only. They resell high-end and mid high-end products. Originally they were just a shoe store, but then they expanded to bags and shoes, and recently they have also expanded to clothing as well. Their items aren't cheap, by any means but if you get a sale at the right time you can get some very nice products for very little! Recently I placed an order at Piperlime because I wanted a new bag for school. They also have free shipping, and it only took 4 days to get here! :)

Such a beautiful box to see on the porch! :) 
AND packed full!
and look at the cute little things they put in there! There's a shopping/gift bag, and a shipping label for FREE returns! Oh and a cute little note.
Here's my bag! Her name is Arlene, by Big Buddha! She was originally $90. Now, I do LOVE to shop but I could NEVER spend that much on a bag. So, I got her on sale for $40!
Hive and Honey is a brand  Piperlime carries a lot of different products by, and I LOVE them. They have clothing, jewelry as well as shoes. They're very classic and worky. I love this sweater though and got it for about 60% off! 
Lastly, is this super cute chiffon top, with a cute little rosette accent. I love this shirt, I was looking at it for awhile on the site and it recently went on sale for only $12! 

I'm very excited for the new additions to my wardrobe! If you haven't been to totally check it out! And I DARE you to not buy something! Especially because they're currently having their Lime Tag sale!

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  1. Hey Vanna...I love the new tops and bag..They'll be great for your trip !